Hello. I’m Jesse Martini - I design good looking products and websites, with the user in mind.

With your idea, my knowledge of design, and lots of caffeine,
we can create an optimal digital experience.

Lead UX designer

Pioneering the way we manage our time and relax our brains.

The Burnout was one of the biggest problems at the start of 2020.
I wanted to understand why and if it could be solved.

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UX designer

Modernizing the aesthetic of a reputable currency exchange.

Making a trustworthy coin exchange look more modern and streamlined; allowing the beginner crypto trader to feel more comfortable and therefore inclined to invest.

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UX Designer & Front-End Developer

Redesigning the way the world digitally perceives me.

My original portfolio was not getting the traction I desired. I applied my UX knowledge to identify the shortcomings which lead to this complete redesign.

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