Jesse is a designer who loves to solve a complex problem.

About Jesse Martini

Jesse is a UX designer with a background in Industrial Design and Strategy. His background in Industrial Design gives him a broader understanding of the design process, critical thinking, and concept development. As for strategy, it allows a curiosity of new technologies and how they could change a brand's image, or make and an old brand feel young.

Each project Jesse has worked on has carried a consistent theme and goal of making a more simplistic world for the user. Ranging from mental health, transportation, and education, he carries the same enthusiastic spirit when solving any complex problem.

Jesse is comfortable working on a range of projects from designing native applications to changing the way people interact with a brand. Whether it’s brainstorming in a conference room, prototyping on his laptop, or shooting asset library photos, Jesse always brings a quality of work and creativity that is hard to match.

Outside of work, Jesse finds inspiration through snowboarding, hiking with friends, painting, or exploring photography. His curiosity has taken him to many locations across the globe where he has experienced and documented what the world has to offer. For Jesse, life is about creating, improving, and pioneering something that doesn’t yet exist.


iOS and Andriod Apps
UX research


Adobe XD
Adobe CC

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